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Improve Visibility, Trust and Accountability with FieldAx Field Service Management Software

With the introduction of cutting-edge technologies like AI, IoT, and machine learning into the field service management space, on-field technicians and clients can simplify their tasks. The majority of FSM software in the market today comes with a myriad of features to automate on-field operations, enhance visibility, and improve productivity.

Field Service Management (FSM) Software such as FieldAx can increase visibility between the field technicians and the back office. Every business owner understands the need for increased visibility without being too bureaucratic; FieldAx can help them achieve this. If you can increase visibility, you will improve project manager-technician trust and accountability.

How Field Services Management Software (FieldAx) Improve Visibility

 When Visibility between the office and field is low

Low visibility between your office and field reduces efficiency and productivity, as your technicians waste time duplicating work, or worse still, may not let you know what they’ve done. Employees and management in your company have to manually process work requests due to a lack of an automated system.

What’s more, field service representatives can’t easily keep management updated on their schedule and status. Also, employees and management are unable to easily track parts inventory and other items in the field or those that need reordering.

FieldAx, the industry’s first field service management solution, helps you merge your mobile workforce with your enterprise software, adding real-time visibility to ensure fewer errors are made. FieldAx will help you close the gap between the field and the office with better visibility, improved communication, and real-time data tracking for both employees and management.

Centralized Scheduling

FieldAx offers centralized solutions for field service companies to track their businesses from any part of the world with enterprise-class features.

Having a centralized dashboard helps your service delivery business run smoothly by allowing you to coordinate between service calls and schedule maintenance routines effectively. One best way to leverage centralized scheduling is to input data from all your on-site technicians, such as their contact details, local language skills, and shift timings.

Doing this will allow you to appropriately allocate the resources available for each project under well-established criteria. You’ll then be able to achieve a high first-time fix rate.

When you’ve lost connection with your field team and their activities

You’re paying your field team to deliver prompt results, so ensuring they deliver what you want when you want it is essential. There may also be the issue of not having accurate records and reports, which for larger organizations can be comprehensive, to say the least. 

Using FieldAx‘s platform, efficient tracking of minimal downtime in maintenance, repairs, inspections, and any activity relating to field service management will be at your fingertips. It’ll allow teams to share data with one another instantaneously and in real-time from the office or on the move, making every interaction count

Contract Management

Contract management is one of the critical aspects of field service operations. With less visibility into your contracts with other parties, you may soon find yourself struggling to respond to the following questions:

-When is the contract renewal date due?

-Do all clients have a warranty?

-What variables do their contracts cover?

Your entire business may be at risk of not meeting customer success goals if you don’t have a clearly outlined service level agreement (SLA). Besides that, uninformed on-field technicians may be tempted to render services for free. Furthermore, your organization stands to face legal hurdles if you fail to follow the right security laws.

FieldAx is one of the best field service software in the market right now. From the HVAC Industry to plumbing, FieldAx is helping several field service businesses manage their data with a single application. Call us now and book a demo.

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