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Fieldax a field service software for Oil and Gas industry

Now that oil & Gas is an extremely diverse and resource challenged industry with major operational challenges. In the highly regulated oil and gas industry, maintenance, inspections, and compliance are critical. Fieldax  a cloud-based field service management software for oil & gas removes the risk, and complexity. In the same way it removes manual works from managing the field resources & equipment driving more efficiency and cost-effectiveness into the entire process. Maintain the most vital records of systems, automate maintenance schedule and be up to date on all your inspections.

Advanced Technology trends in this Industry emerged due to changing operational procedure and industry challenges. Fieldax offers tremendous value in main streams like Upstream, Midstream & Downstream.  Therefore, the requirement of innovative technology, cost reduction, high performance & time consumption identified in various streams of operations.

Main streams of Oil and Gas industry

The Upstream Oil Sector:

The upstream oil sector includes searching for potential underground or underwater crude oil and natural gas fields, drilling of exploratory wells, and subsequently drilling and operating the wells that recover and bring the crude oil and/or raw natural gas to the surface. In detail ,Fieldax

  • Makes Operational, Environmental and Maintenance Tasks more efficient through mobile automation.
  • Secondly, Well test data.
  • Security & Environmental Checklists.
  • Work order automation.
  • Field Data Capture or Manual data entry.
  • In fact, enables critical information to be transferred real-time from any point in the field to the systems.
  • Moreover, enables complete automation and management of Service Call outs across the stakeholders viz. the Corporate and Oil Field Suppliers, with integration to multiple systems.

The Midstream Oil Sector:

In the midstream oil sector, which primarily involves the transportation by pipeline, rail, barge, or truck and storage. At this point in the oil and gas industry Fieldax enables:

  • Automation of maintenance tasks, work orders and inspections for terminal operations, pipeline & storage maintenance.
  • Following, timely and accurate field data on midstream operations.
  • Integration to Corporate backend systems and ensures compliance to operational / safety procedures.

The Downstream Oil and Gas Sector:

In the downstream sector which involves refining, as well as the marketing and distribution of products derived from this industry. Fieldax furthermore enables

  • Automation of plant maintenance tasks, work orders and inspections workflows, ensuring accuracy and timeliness of critical info.
  • Seamless integration to PM / ERP systems and get much better control over MRO.
  • Finally, Mobile Sales force automation to manage distribution & sales of packaged products like lubes, additives.

Benefits of using Fieldax:

  •  Firstly, Increase utilization of existing resources.
  • Improve targeted use of personnel to reach the highest revenue allocation of resources.
  • Certainly, manage field activity centrally, reducing infrastructure costs and administrative efforts.
  • Integrate field data with back office to reduce service-to-invoice cycles.
  • Enable rapid and easy crew management and communication.
  • Eventually get full visibility of job disposition, logistics requirements and equipment.
  • Both reduce time and effort to manage the schedule while increasing accuracy for billing.
  • Lastly, support a single centralized scheduling and mobility solution while addressing varied and changing business needs& even more.

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